We offer a complete line of high-quality automotive products, from some of the most respected brands, to meet any foreign or domestic vehicle needs. We provide a wide range of product offerings to service your customers.

Our automotive product lines include:

  • Automotive and diesel engine oils

  • Antifreeze/coolants

  • Greases

  • Hydraulic fluids and oils

  • Gear lubricants

  • Transmission fluids

  • Diesel exhaust fluid

  • Biodegradeable lubricants

  • Consumer products

  • Synthetic & Conventional options

Our expert staff includes automotive repair and car dealer experts , chemical and mechanical engineers, technical product specialists and product formulation experts who can provide a wide-range of turnkey solutions, services and installer programs designed to maximize your engine’s performance and determine the products that are right for you:

  • Oil analysis programs

  • Lubrication use surveys

  • Equipment audits

  • Fast lube oil changes

  • On-site training on products, use and application procedures, handling/storage

  • Car dealer training